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National Strength & Conditioning Association
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Russ Craber, MBA, CSCS

Russ started Fitness Physiology in 2003 to answer a demand in the market. There were LOTS of personal trainers around, but none of them had a degree relating directly to exercise physiology


Armed with a B.S. in Sports Science from the University of Idaho, Russ earned the prestigious CSCS qualification--the only test in the industry that requires a degree related to exercise physiology to even take it. After college, he worked with the Potlatch wellness program and a prestigiouspersonal training studioin Seattle.
Russ went on to earn an MBA while working for Boeing's corporate fitness & wellness program. You can bet that Russ knows the value of your time.

Jenny Craber, B.S.

Ah--you'd rather train with a woman, you say. You might think again after training with Jenny. She exercises harder than any two men in most gyms, and has the abs to prove it. She's taking a sabattical right now, so you're stuck with Russ for now.