3-Month Health Program

Fitness Assessment | Strength Program | Cardio Program
Flexibility | Diet Ideas

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Fitness Assessment

With this package, you'll receive a body fat analysis, general fitness testing, and "before" pictures to establish a baseline. (optional)

Strength, Cardio, Flexibility

You will receive a complete exercise program based on your goals. It will include a strength component, a cardiovascular component, and a flexibility program.

Diet Tips

Everyone wants to be told exactly what to eat to lose body fat. Nobody sticks to the program, though, because everyone's tastes are different.

We have a diet program that allows you to eat your favorite foods--it just tells you how much you can eat based on your exercise levels.


This quarterly plan costs $175 (ACFAC members get a reduced rate). That's pretty good, considering we do all the thinking--all you have to do is follow the instructions!

Many people combine this with one or two Personal Training sessions, just to get them going. But if you already feel comfortable with gym equipment, you won't need to.