30-Minute Fitness Sessions

Russ Craber, CSCS

Personal Training

You don't need someone to stand and count your reps. You need someone with years of experience to design a fitness program that is customized to your needs.
No cookie-cutter workouts.


We make sure that your needs are our first concern.
Are you worried about osteoporosis? Do you need lower body fat? Do you need more upper body strength? Lower body strength? Middle body strength?


For an intense, fun, 30-minute session at the ACFAC, we charge $50 for one-on-one training, or $80 for one-on-two training (bring a friend and sweat together).


During your session, you will be taken through a number of different exercises designed to get you closer to your goal. Your trainer will make you work much harder than you could on your own, and you'll learn lots of new tricks to make the most of your time in the gym.

Plus, you'll be given your workout assignments for the the rest of the week when you're NOT with your trainer.

Finally, you'll actually look forward to coming to work out. I promise!

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